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About Diana

Diana Saylor took her first belly dance classes in Syracuse, NY, in 1999, and was hooked on the music immediately.

Diana was certified to teach ATS® in October 2011, and became a Sister Studio in 2012. She is delighted to share the joy of improvisational tribal style dance with her students and community.

Diana's dance education continues via workshops, online study, and private lessons with her mentors. Most recently she completed the four-day ATS® Technique for Teachers intensive course for the second time. She also loves to dip her toes into other dance styles, especially the folkloric dances from which ATS® draws inspiration. Diana is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Diana also performs as part of Trade Route Tribal Dance, New England's first regional ATS® troupe, and is part of the ATS® Reunion leadership team. She loves to collaborate with other ATS® dancers.