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Class Schedule

*weekly classes are on hiatus through at least the beginning of August 2019

Classes are held in the smaller studio at PoleFly Aerial Fitness, 214 Wooster St, New Haven, CT

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  • Class Passes are available in 1-class (drop-in) and 4-class passes. Single passes expire in one week, and 4-class passes expire in six weeks.

  • Class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable, so please purchase single-class passes if you are not sure you can use up a larger pass in time.

  • Passes can also be purchased in person using cash or credit. If purchasing with cash, please bring exact change.

  • DO NOT purchase a 1- or 4-class pass if you are registering for the Spring Intro series.

  • American Tribal Style® Belly Dance is built around a system of non-verbal communication that allows groups of dancers to improvise and create art on the spot. Class level refers to the segment of the ATS® vocabulary covered, not the skill level of students. Most people take Level 1 multiple times before moving on to Level 2, because the Level 2 curriculum builds upon a solid understanding of the basic ATS® moves, formations, and the concept of leading and following.

  • Level 3 is by invitation only. Level 3 class members are expected to revisit Levels 1 and 2 frequently.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Good options are: full skirt or yoga pants, choli or tank/t-shirt, and a non-jingly hip scarf if you've got one. Bare feet are fine, or you can wear dance slippers.